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This blog may be dead, but Hiyashi isn’t! He returned to his home in Tokyo and now attends a regular highschool. He doesn’t plan on returning (due to the crazy shit he put up with at Hopes Peak, ffff).
Satoshi and Hiyashi are now officially A Thing!™
I don’t feel explaining so ask Satoshi lol

hiyashi-mun here! just came to say hi and let everyone know about some things!! check the next post for more~~~
u can msg me at communisttxar or Skype or line or smth!!!!

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Hi Hiyashi-mun here!

It’s my routine check up (totally not, I’ve been hiding from this blog for awhile now omfg)
and if y’all would like to speak to me again -please I am so bored- hit me up at my new main communisttxar !!!!!!! I miss all o y’all but I don’t want to rp again just yet so…. hmu! ^_^

hey guys just wanted to stop by and say, on the behalf of Mamuska, Hiyashi, and myself….
I hope you have had a wonderful holiday and have an even happier New Year!!!!
xoxo- Maggie mod + muses

((when someone bullies one of your friends

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Anonymous asked: Dear Hiyashi...


Dear Hiyashi,

I love you, I’m sorry I couldn’t be as good as a friend you’ve been to me. I guess I’m just a huge baby— I don’t mean to be! I understand if you’re literally done with our friendship for all my dumb stunts I’ve pulled. 

Anyway, you’re such a great friend. I’m always so lonely, but then you cheer me up! You’re a real Ken! Whenever I’m crying or disappointed, you make me happy because you always somehow make me feel better!

I wish I could help you, I’m so sorry I’m just so terrible. I would do anything to be a good friend to you!  

I love you so much, Hiyashi…you make me very happy & I feel all warm and fuzzy when I’m around you!
I understand if you do not return my feelings, I don’t expect you to…I mean I’ve been rejected once, how about we give another time  whirl haha.  You mean the world to me.

I hope you find that one person you love & spend your entire life with them! All I wish for you is happiness & love. 

I wish for you to get what I never got.


Love, Lana Florea. <3



"All I want to be is everything, everything at once~!"

T-this is a thank you video for all the people who made my life in the Dangan Ronpa RP community fandom great! I’ve joined this fandom only around Mid-September or so this year, and many things have changed my life since then. These are the people who were the most important to me, THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3 I love all of you and all of you are amazing people! Keep being amazing! <3

List of people (in order) : Yun, Mayumi, Suzuki, Marco, Sully, Shohi, Chie, Grazia, Mun, Juvia, Lana, Raspberry, Hiyashi, Rue, Nakamura, Hayato, Minori, Fuyumi, Jobun, HOLY FRUIT COCKTAIL, Faye, Mi, Moke, Nagisi, Mun again, Tama, Kioko, Honoo, Edvis, Chiyoko, Nagano, Satoshi, Larry, Favour, Canary, Shibe, Jimon, Genpachi and PURE TEAM. 

And lastly, mun again. Because to be the perfect person, I need to have all of those qualities you guys have upupupu.


Thank you!!!

"Hahaha.... zzz..."